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  • 產品:Easy Grammar for Writing (Primary 3)
  • ISBN:978-988-17460-3-0
  • 程度:Primary 3
  • 簡介: Features:
    Easy Grammar for Writing aims to provide primary students an easy and interesting platform to master the use of grammar as well as revolutionizes their writing skills. All content is in accordance with the latest Primary English Syllabus prescribed by the Curriculum Development Council. Through the colourful comics and specially designed storyline, Easy Grammar for Writing gives students a brand-new learning experience.

    1.) Grammar Focus
    Helping students to learn grammar effectively and then apply what they have learnt into writing context.

    2.) Step-by-Step Approach
    Inducing students progressively learn from vocabulary level to sentence level and even to text level.

    3.) Vocabulary Booklet
    Summarizing the words introduced in chapters, and acts as a tool for student’s easy capture on regular basis.

    4.) Writing Hints
    Reminding students about the writing techniques of each genre type

    5.) Learning Focus
    Locating right before each chapter for teachers/parents’ reference.

    6.) Daily-Life and Creative Topics
    The lively comics and tailor-made daily-life topics surely let students enjoy their learning.

    Learning Supports:
    Answer key is designed to facilitate self-checking.
    Online tutorial and game transforms the traditional learning into fun-making activities.
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