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  • 產品:劍橋YLE模擬試題 Movers
  • ISBN:978-988-17460-9-2
  • 出版:Dr Kids Group
  • 程度:P3-P4
  • 售價: HKD100.00
  • 簡介:


    Practice Papers for Movers provide students with practical exercises to familiarize them with the content and format of the test. it aims at not only preparing students better for the tests, but also consolidating what has been learnt for further study at higher levels.

    1) Familiar Format

    familiar students with the test

    2) Relevant Exam Content

    content is designed based on Cambridge YLE tests

    3) Clear Answer Key

    facilitate self-checking and studying

    4) Colorful Illustrations

    enhance motivation of learning

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